Identity Construct: Name & Tagline
The challenge was to create a genre identity that was different from the original designs (see blog version 1 & 2).  A quick look through existing photos yielded several candidates for the travel genre.  The very first picture imported was taken at Ta Prohm, Cambodia.  The title at first was still stuck on “ianimator”.  An initial experiment yielded some difficulty in defining colours, contrast, font and layout that looked anywhere near acceptable.  In particular, this draft is a perfect example of having failed one key design principle from Villalobos’ (2008) Five Rules of Design, namely “Contrast”.  The font is lost in the texture of the ruins, thereby ruining the design😅
It did, however, remind me of the popular Tomb Raider franchise, particularly due to the famous scene of Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft at same location, Ta Prohm, in the 2001 film.

The title, Toon Raider, is an obvious play on this franchise name, which in turn is strongly associated with the action-adventure genre. Combined with the word Toon, which itself constitutes a parody of the wordplay variety, the title is constructed to signify the genre identity of an adventuring cartoonist.   Initially, an extra tagline “Roving Cartoonist” imprinted on the shirt to reinforces this context and set an expectation in that direction, in case the genre was not obvious enough.  The “ianimator” name was sacrificed.


In the spirit of parody, it was only natural to look to either the Tomb Raider franchise font or the Tomb Raider 2018 movie poster for inspiration.  Due to the affordances of the pictorial layout (which was originally posed to resemble the Samson pushing against the pillars) and contrast, a combination was derived to address the proper silhouette and define the colour scheme.  The cartoon character overhead was too distracting and made the picture much less similar to the movie poster, thus the character was moved onto the shirt, and an arrow across the title, an element from the latest movie poster, was added in a matching yellow.

IMG_0644_IanSamson copy 8

While a complementary background of ruin details (pictured above) was initially contemplated, an alternative idea was to use something more dramatic and further parody Tomb Raider promo imagery such as this example from Refinery29 and this example from the Tomb Raider: Anniversary – Playstation 2.  These “speed lines” also form a genre association with cartoons.   Instead of constructing the pattern from scratch, which I could do with a bit of work, a CC0 Public Domain licensed image was found at www.publicdomainpictures.net. called “White Light Zoom” that resembles the classic comic “speed lines”.
Noting the licensing details is important for peace of mind.

This license also allows for modification, which was necessary to match the colour scheme.  This was done easily with an image editing app, and the last touch was to distort it into a widescreen format to suit the layout.

white-light-zoom copy